Optimal weight distribution, high capacity and quality harvesting

Get to the know the SixxTraxx: the top model six row self-propelled sugar beet harvester with a 28 ton tank, six wheel drive six wheel steer and high cleaning capacity and output. Special features of the new SixxTraxx are the unique weight distribution between the six wheels and the low ground pressure, fantastic manoeuvrability, position of the elevator web and last but not least the comfortable and spacious cab.

The strong points such as the sturdy frame and the unique positions of the front and rear wheels are retained. The EcoTronicPlus system ensures optimal interaction between operator, machine operation, engine management, monitoring and diagnostics of the complete machine. The new terminal with the multifunctional touch screen is very clear and easy to use. With this new screen, all basic settings can be easily adjusted. The speeds of the various machine functions and the driving speed can be set independent from the engine speed. Functions that are commonly used during harvesting are controlled on the joystick. 

The SixxTraxx is equipped with a standard defoliator with a side  leafs spreader or an integral defoliator. The newly developed ProtectPlus scalping system ensures the best results. The cab gives an optimal view in all directions and a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Recoltare precisă a sfeclei, deci, cât se poate de multă sfeclă.

Strălucit de simplă; recoltare inteligentă cu operarea cea mai simplă.

  • Capacitate prin volumul mare al buncărului de 40 m3
  • Costuri reduse prin consumul redus de carburant şi prin costuri de întreţinere reduse
  • Capacitate prin lucrul automatizat; loc de muncă pentru un singur om 
  • Distribuire ideală a greutăţii, lasă terenul în stare perfectă pentru cultura următoare
  • Capacitate mare prin stelele mari de recoltare şi stelele sită mari
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